Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Peaceful demonstration called by Semayawi/Blue party of Ethiopia in Addis Abeba June 2, 2013 has completed peacefully!

Their was  more than  hundred thousand people to protest  in the city of Addis and speech has been presented by  Yacob Hailemariam professor of law for international criminal, and Journalist  Reeyot Alemu's Father Ato Alemu.

The people of Ethiopia showed unity by gathering and protesting in the demonstration from different  civic community, Muslim community and different  ethnic groups with One Nation call for Justice ,Freedom, and peace for Ethiopia.

The protesters slogans and
shouting at the demonstration was
      Free the prisoners of conscience,
      Freedom of Religion,
     Enough of dictatorship,
     Let the time has come enough of citizens living with fear, 

     Stop Forceful eviction and let the evicted return to their place,
     we need Freedom and against the high cost of living expense & so many others that reflects the hunger of Justice and Freedom in the Country .

The demonstration has started at 10:00 am in the morning standing from Blue Party office kebena district and continues to Arat Kilo,  piazza, 
Churchill Avenue, and ends in Kuba square.
Semayawi/Blue party  has said we will protest again if the government will not respond for our question in three month's of time.


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