Saturday, 5 October 2013

For TPLF's Supporters what would you say?

Ethiopian people has been under colonization for almost 22 years with force and oppression by TPLF the suppression of press freedom has killed the democracy exchange between the people & the gov't.

Ethnic federalism applied by TPLF has played a role dividing people, spreading hate, and poisoning a nation from being united. Propaganda of development  Only works for corrupted TPLF's members but then instead living expense for the people of Ethiopia became a matter of survival,  What else should we add? eviction? students being treated unfair? migration? crisis of living in Ethiopia in general? bad governance? or criticism which helps for the positive change of development  became a conviction and crime that will get you imprisoned by Ethiopia regime anti terrorism law? Really what do you say? or which positive part you take side on? for TPLF's supporters? I wonder...*

(by the way i didn't say members , becouse as we all know and as the matter of fact  their is a lot of TPLF's  members, a forced one, to stay on job, to keep their house, to get Id from keble, to live in peace under the gun, to continue education, to use the opportunity which is available for only members of TPLF)

Throughout this all agony and controversy yet their are Heroes Like Andualem Aragie a unique which is very articulate, sharp and fearless,young brilliant opposition leader who stands for the truth and stand against boldly the abusive action done by regime  which it scares badly TPLF's ,so that He became one of the victim being labeled ,convicted, & imprisoned as a terrorist !!