Thursday, 8 August 2013



Ethiopian repression of Muslim protests 8 August 2013



   A democrat government called itself
   but a killer, a torturer which do the reverse
   Is it really elected representative to the ppl by the ppl?
   or a state governed in such a way?
   but arrest, kill, call a terrorist 
   the same nation who ask its own rights and stands in his way?

   A freedom dress up to the world so that to receive an aid
   but the one who committed forceful eviction and genocide
   Arrest all who speaks the truth
   which they witness what  they saw

   damage,abduct a free media
   that wont mimic and follow

   A gradually development without a basic need?
   no light, no water, living expense is   highly  increase
   forget about the freedom & democracy promised 
   but at least  security to live in peace is a must

  What is a country without Nation?
  what is government  without the voice of the whole population?
  It is not governing but a slavery
  which blood shed its own people
  and leaves a scar in History
  produces a generation with hatred, confusion and controversy