Monday, 3 June 2013


what is funny about TPLF's tactic is that after allowing the demonstration for their own propaganda of being called democratic , which they already know about the peaceful questions the protester has before  they even went and ok with it, then it is not even one night pass Tplf  start accusing  the blue party leaders for the questions they brought in the demonstration by claiming the questions are against the Law,how convenient is that? ,.

The government said that The blue party has brought Two questions that against the Law
  1. The question release of innocent prisoners which has been convicted with terrorist action,
  2. Ask the government to stop interference with a religious matters
Tplf says that, the question of release of prisoners are not fair while  their case is still taken  in court  and the gov't has been accused interference of religion matters while the government hasn't done such a thing  ,how funny is this.
Minister of Government Communications Affairs Shimelis Kemal said also the question of to stop the eviction has been resolved and taken action by the government before the protester went out and it is already corrected .  while it is known the forceful eviction is still continues in different region of Ethiopia.

Finally ETV  the mouth of TPLF has been forced to speak some truth about the demonstration so that the Minister has to warn and
convict the Blue party leaders and the people so that  it will be very dangerous if it is going to continue after 3 months of time as the blue party leader says and if the people are  awaken and motivated to stand for its own rights .

Thanks to technology this days modern mobiles are available to take pictures and record videos to expose TPLF what ETV can not hide, is possible to send in MMS, FB, and in diffrent social Networks.

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