Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Agenda of Nile Dam Fundraising Event prepared by TPLF, In Oslo Norway has failed again.

On April 28,2013  The Agenda of Nile Dam Fundraising Event prepared by TPLF, In Oslo Norway  has failed again.

Oslo Norway April 28,2013

It was almost intolerable and angry to know and saw TPLF's own agenda to bring back again the  propaganda of Fundraising event for the so called development for Ethiopians in Norway when their is total ignorance of  hearing  the voice of the people for Justice.What comes first ? Human rights of the people in one country or construction of Dam under injustice  ? 

It is really a big Ignorance of TPLF's to come repeatedly in Norway and announce a fundraising event for angry Ethiopians who are tired of  being victim of TPLF's, hearing news of injustice all the times, who have family prisoned in Homeland , who loses a freedom of religion, who is being victimised because of Ethnicity, and with all Human right violation in Ethiopia.
TPLF's came in Norway to collect a fund raising money from this Ethiopians.

They have planned to raise money again in Oslo after they failed to do it in Stavanger Norway on 20 of April 2013.  It is obviously known that they are not after the money but their own propaganda of making up story how they have supporters and the same all 11%  economy growth talk, they dare to do it again In Oslo  but could't make it at all, it was even worse of humiliation to run away cheesed by the people, they changed the place of where the fundraising event will take place what they  first announced ,because they were afraid what they will face again for sure but then their tactic of changing place was known immediately by the organized group of Ethiopians. So the people have got in to the place before anything has begun , It was more than three hundred people  demonstrated  against TPLF'S agenda , All the people who has been in the place was angry and impatient to see them and were shouting TPLF is thief,killer, we need justice,and so many slogans written to free prisoners of conscience, Free Oromo student prisoners and picture of  innocent prisoners who are suffering in Ethiopia,and also demand of freedom of religion.
The united demonstration of Ethiopians in Norway could not give a breath to TPLF representatives to forward  one step a head, so that the Norwegian police are forced to stop the program and it was not able for the representatives to make it even look like close to what they have planned to do so.
Finally the voice of the people for justices was  louder, for their is so much injustice going on in Homeland.

The video says it all.

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