Friday, 26 April 2013

TPLF is planning again to have fundraising event in Norway Oslo on April 28,2013 by denying the voice of people for justice.

As we all know on April 20,2013 TPLF send  two representatives from the Ethiopian Embassy in Stockholm  with the agenda of Nile dam fundraising program in Stavanger, Norway  and close to 300 Ethiopians in Norway has present in the meeting and brought their question of Justice, freedom and Human Rights but the representatives who has been in the place came up with their own agenda and ignored the mass voice as TPLF usually does.Because of this reason the Ethiopians get angry and shout justice and  Freedom before Nile dam and express their opposition clearlly they will not cooprate with TPLF's agenda before their question for justice  has been answered ,so that the Norwegian Polices stopped the program before things are getting worse. And these has been on the Norwegian Aftenbladt News at the same day.

After these on wensday 24 ,April 2013 on Ethiopian Radio And Television Agency  has been reported  a vice versa lie News  saying   Ethiopians and foreigners of Ethiopian origin in stavanger, Norway have demonstrated their commitment to national development by purchasing government saving bonds worth million Birr support of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project. Additionally Ethiopian News in Sweden has reported similar News!
.Today again some TPLF agents are distributing flyers which says they will have the same Fundraising event and meeting on April 28, 2013 sunday starting from 15:00 upto 00:00hrs.

And alot of Ethiopians from diffrent areas of  Norway are on the way to Oslo for 28 April and Ethiopians who live in Oslo are preparing again to demonstrate with question of Justice and freedom before Nile Dam Fundraise!

What is it gone be? will the Big Question of Freedom and Justice before Nile Dam Fundraise will make a diffrence? or the Dam  will be built over Freedom and Justice?

I will come up soon with New Information.

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