Saturday, 25 May 2013

Today 25 may 2013 ,a number of People from Ethiopia who lives in Harstad Norway,demonstrate protest against the dictatorship regime in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian regime is one of the worst dictatorships ever in the country’s history. Ethiopian citizens have no freedom of speech and their is no free press. Many  journalists are in prison today than it was in the past. The government uses Anti-terrorism law to eliminate the opposition by convicting the innocent people and  also Corruption is characteristic of this regime.
 Government chases people out of their land and sell to Chinese, Indian or Arab Saud companies. Government export agricultural products to acquire weapons while millions of citizens affected by famine.
 Government violates basic human rights.
 It is neither a Democratic or a fair system in the country. The regime practice  systematic discrimination.
 Today we demonstrate and demand democracy, human rights and justice for all ,says one of the protester.And the slogans they were holding was: 
 • Political prisoners must be released now!
 • Prisoners of conscience must be released now!
 • Journalists must be released now!
 • We never accept discrimination
 • Norway should not fund the dictatorship in Ethiopia
 • We need solidarity from the Norwegian people!

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