Sunday, 26 May 2013

Engineer Yelekal Getnet,Presidnet of Semayawi Party, i really appreciate this Guy for speaking boldly!!!

Engineer Yelekal Getnet,Presidnet of Semayawi Party, i  really appreciate this Guy for speaking boldly, honestly,which is true about TPLF's dictatorship and fake propaganda of democracy while at standing at the exact place of Fire, though am afraid soon He will be put in prison for the same shit terror related action conviction. His criticism of TPLF's is so true in briefly and accurately.

It shows that ''weyani' is getting something out of this..that Needs to be called democratic by allowing this specific demonstration after 22 years for opposition party. But afraid to give attention for the voice that might get out boldly for medias and might also destroy the so called good governance of Ethiopia  Figure for Africa in 50th anniversary  celebration of OAU . So that a Blue party has been reject their right of permission to go out for demonstration at the day of   OAU celebration  and extended after a week.
I agree As the Leader of Blue party says it is much better to take a step the way of struggle for democracy than to do nothing .


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