Friday, 17 May 2013


what  is Freedom to you sir?, and what is Freedom to you mam?  a Freedom to me is a right to think, speak, or act of what i believe or observe which i think is right without any kind of fear and with no abstinence or domination but same is equal in the other part which will not violate or harm others with my act, with the same equal given right from the creator of all creation,.

 But this must be monitor and controlled by the given one in the form of principles for society   and   systematic law to rules and guide the society so that to keep the balance equal in between and one can not dominate the other with the same equal given rights.

To guide and regulate Law is a must  but then Law enforcement or Applying properly the Law will bring it alive to be recognized by the user. In this matter the Authority (bodies ) which have the power to enforce the Law have the major and center role to make it effective.

But if this is violated by the one who takes over  to monitor it then the whole system is violated.
But yet seeking Liberty comes from the inside out ,one will die in the way of struggling expressing it and leaves with the mark of visibility to others , and the other  will reach a goal and achieve it with others, last but not least ,dies buried inside with it because of denial or fear to expressing  it. Individual Choice matters to be one of in  this three lists.
All the ways  of liberty ask a price to pay  in  morality, dignity ,time, and all life sacrifices. 

In Ethiopia where freedom of speech almost seem like fairy tail, and a born with liberty has denied, which is gun pointing treat will follow if one asks own right, Since the ruling party TPLF has been in the position, Now a time has come to say enough is enough boldly.
Blue political party in Ethiopia has take a step for freedom and call for unity to stand for Justice and stand  for the rights of  others who has been denied  freedom of expression by the Regime in Ethiopia.

The Blue party has expressed their peaceful struggle with no fear and boldly to different Medias  Like VOA,and  SBS  Radio. The movement for the demonstration which Blue party has called on may 25,2013 becomes energy and  motivation for the diaspora abroad and the young generation in Ethiopia.



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