Sunday, 6 October 2013

TPLF terrified "Any one who have connection with Ginbot7 , ONLF, OLF is a Terrorist!

Criminal for the regime in Ethiopia is the one who stand against the human right violation act made by the government.

The prime minister said that TPLF is using International  anti terrorism law but of course when it comes to implementation it is a vice versa .

*In Ethiopia any one who stands for its rights are a terrorist.
*A journalism who exposes what really going on is a Terrorist.
*An Opposition Party members are a Terrorists
*Any one who support or even have connection with Opposition party which challenges TPLF  is a Terrorist 

Look how the PM Talks about Ginbot 7, ONLF,OLF "any one who has connections in practical terms with this Organizations will be punished ,their will be no excuses, you guys you can not walk Addis Ababa peacefully Now!" how dictatorial !

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