Tuesday, 9 April 2013


what will be the Future of Ethiopia?
 Injustice and non democratic practice is getting worse and worse in Ethiopia since TPLF is taking over the position of governance in Home land .With a mask cover of Ethnic federalism  TPLF is distroying the people unity -working together, thinking mutual for the interest of one country, the love of one country as patriot, Ethnicity- this days in Ethiopia become a poison which killes slowely part by part, one Nation feels as differ enemys waching each other as an outcomer, because of Tplf systematic attack we become to the target circle of Tplf's plan.

People are getting arrested without accountablity of Law, any one who is against the idea of TPLF  or who have a diffrent openion will be harmed the way which is available, Their is no a free media freedom neither Journalist free practice in reporting News. so many journalists and reporters are getting arrested by proclaiming a terror-related charges, It is so sad here and then in Ethiopia to hear everything and every idea  which against the government practice is a Terrorist action, a free media is a terriorist media, an opposition party and member, and support is Terror related action. A list and last in One country to move forward in any ways is Media, if their is no communication between a giver and a receiver , a demand and supplier, and then where is an existance?
Everything is  in a silence mood, all doors are shuting down, where can the people raise their voice to be heard? The Legislative  body is Executive  and Judicial body also , same all same no partition .

Election is like free trial  dessert but not the whole menu, you can get a card   but can not choose or will not get what you belive will work.  Yes their is entitlement "Democratic" but is dangerous to practice it, Yes their is a Law but not Implementation, their is a government which is self governance! 
what elese? economy? 11% growth (Developement) ? Offcourse - Injustice, prisoned, non democracy practice, Human right violaton, corruption- a treasure of a country is owend by the TPLF memebers  they are all over it, the fund that comes fromUN and other Eu countrys is abused by TPLF memebers, while TPLF  is owning so many diffrent companies ,manufactures,Houses ,money,and so on.. yet the people of Ethiopia is luck of food ,basic need, and freedom!
A Brain Drain is increasing ever and people who have the opportunity to go out in any way they can are flowing out from Ethiopia because  bankruptcy of governance in Ethiopia. So many women's and men's are tormenting in Arab state Gulf region, they are victum of influence.  Regional zone becomes refugee camp that deports its own people !
  .....How many should  We  say? How long will it be like this?
Where is our National Anthem?  and what is a country without people? what will the next generation will take over? what will be the Future Ethiopia?!
Can you tell....?

Eden Abera

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