Saturday, 9 March 2013


We Ethiopian women's celebrate Yesterday March 8 2013 Women's International day in Oslo Norway with different women's all over the world , As Ethiopian's we celebrate the day by being a voice to voiceless women which is violated, harmed and victims in Ethiopia and outside Ethiopia.
In the begnning we have attend the program In Folketeateret (Theatre) with different messages of women rights progress and encouragement of continuing to do so!
 Queen sonja Haraldsen wellcomed and  congradulates all the women for march 8 womens International day, and  Norway's Minister of culture Pakistan origin women 
Hadia Tajik presented a speech!
Their was a song and dance that expresses message of the day and different women's explained  their experience of challenges breaking through culture and traditional Norms that has been dominating them .
After taking a break and lunch we  express our 
 condolence with candle light and make a voice over  For Many Women's who died by being a victim In Gulf Region losing protection from their own Government, women's who are arrested and yet in prison  because of their political activity, For Journalist who has been arrested by the government  and  still in prison, Journalists  Reot and Lelise and  against  Harmful Traditional practice  like (FGM) Female Genital Mutilation, abduction, early  and  forced marriage..etc.
we wear different 
slogans which  explains women's violence in Ethiopia and sing a song of our beloved  country patriotic songs and  make a demonstration walking around stortinget and finished the program!
The program was prepared by (DCESON) Women  Democratic change In Ethiopia Support Organization Norway !

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